Same But Different - GPFF Online
Same But Different - GPFF Online

Same But Different - GPFF Online

A True New Zealand Love Story
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Unclassified 15+
95 Mins
This romantic feature is inspired by the couple behind the camera. Kiwi-Samoan filmmaker Nikki Si’ulepa (Snow in Paradise) and Rachel Aneta Wills have dramatised their bumpy journey towards marriage and put it on the big screen. Pākehā single mum Rachel (they’ve kept real names) meets Samoan filmmaker Nikki and is immediately drawn to her, but self-doubt, botched communication and a pesky ex are landmines in wait. Director Si’ulepa wanted to "offer a glimpse into same sex relationships" and tell a "true, romantic love story that people can relate to"

Director: Nikki Si’ulepa, New Zealand, 2019, 95 mins, English, Unclassified 15+

This session is presented on demand and will be available to view from 23 October to 3 November. Unclassified 15+ - you must be over 15 to purchase or view this on demand screening. Click here for more information on streaming restrictions and click here for streaming FAQ.